Real Gold Rates Scholarship

College and universities are really costly, and Real Gold Rates wants to help students. Beginning 2021, Real Gold Rates Scholarship will be awarding scholarships to students from across the world.

Why do we offer scholarships?

We are beginning this scholarship task to help the most meriting students. We might want to perceive a portion of the individuals who are striving to set themselves up to turn out to be essential for the workforce around the world. Having the ability to communicate well is one of the major assets a young person should work to obtain. Speaking and composing go hand in hand.

By offering this scholarship chance, we’re wanting to support students to build up and increase their business communication abilities they can later apply in any field.

real gold rates scholarship

Writing is important

Being able to communicate about different topics means being ready for the actual world out there about sharpening your message and settling that negotiation, regardless of whether face to face or recorded as a hard copy. In practically any kind of business correspondence, one should realize how to talk, yet how to compose well as well. Business composing is composing with reason. Our scholarship encourages students to write with intention. The intention is to guide, educate, and assist readers to choose the right service.

However, composing for the web requires creativity. Being artistic in any business is necessary, and writing should always reveal that. Moreover educating readers we want to entertain them. Nowadays, this is part of any and all businesses, and Real Gold Rates is not an exception. This implies that we talk about something other than auto coordination. We listen to our clients and raise topics they want to talk about.

Surely being energetic about what you compose helps, but most of all it is hard work. Thus, regardless of what point you pick we need you to remember that we need innovative work. We expect a well-written essay based on Gold Rates facts in different regions of the world.


All topics are gold rates related, yet, we hope you will find a topic that interests you and could ignite your creativity!

  • Factors affecting gold prices.
  • Why Gold prices are rising?
  • Gold as an investment.
  • Gold price in ( any city or county of your own choice)

Scholarship awards

We will grant five students. Two students will receive a scholarship of $500 each, and three students will get $250 each. We will also be sending at least ten surprise gifts to all students we decide worked hard on their topics.


  1. You should be a student presently enrolled full or part-time in a college or a post-secondary career and information school.
  2. We support all students who are passionate about the gold industry to apply, as long as they feel writing is their passion.
  3. 2.5 GPA is required.
  4. The essay length should be a minimum of 800, maximum of 1000 words.


Submissions are open from January 30th until June 30th, 2021, and 2022. During these months we will be evaluating every essay. Our aim is to pick the winners before Christmas. We will publish all well-written articles on our blog, with credit given to their authors.

We suggest that you survey our website blog and exploration major Gold Rates publications such as Gold Rate in Kuwait, to assist you with your research work. Once you submit your essay there is nothing else to do. We will not be sending out emails confirming each submission. If you would like to confirm feel free to email us. Once we have the winners picked, they will receive an email confirming their winning place. Please, keep in mind that you must be able to provide proof of college or university enrollment upon request. If you have any questions, please use our contact us form or our official mail [email protected] and we will be in touch with you.

We wish all participants good luck. Thank you!