Gold Price in Bangladesh

If you are searching the Gold price in Bangladesh you will see gold rates quoted in the local currency. Rates may also be offered in other global currencies such as U.S. Dollars. Gold prices vary with every passing day worldwide as well as in Bangladesh. Get the information about the latest gold rates in Bangladesh, and get prices of different quantities of gold. These prices are spe6old price identified in 1 tola, 1 gram, and 10 grams formats in  Bangladesh Taka currency.

Gold Rate in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is officially known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is the eighth-most populous country on planet earth, with a population exceeding 162 million people. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is the nation’s economic hub. Chittagong, the major seaport, is the second-largest city.  The neighboring countries of Bangladesh are India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Bangladesh was formed on the foundation of language and ethnicity. Bangladesh is one of the most rising economies on the globe.

The table displays the gold rate in Bangladesh in Bangladeshi Taka as calculated per ounce, kilogram, 10 tolas bar, and gram for the most frequently used carats in Bangladesh which are 24 carats, 22 carats, and 18 carats. Also, 21 carats is occasionally used.

24 Karat Gold Price In Bangladesh (Gram)

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Gram
Current Price ৳ 5,429.4 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 5,378.0 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 5,431.7 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 86.258798 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.01159 USD

22 Karat Gold Price In Bangladesh (Gram)

WeightGold Price in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)
133,271 BDT
1 Gram 4,284.7 BDT
5 Grams 9,151.33BDT
10 Grams 21423.3 BDT
100 Grams 42846.7 BDT

Import duty for Gold jewelry in Bangladesh

The main source of gold for Bangladeshi jewelers is usually locally recycled gold and the gold imported under the luggage rules. According to the baggage rules, an international traveler can carry up to 234 grams of gold (20 bhori gold) by paying Tk 3,000 specific duty and 4% advance trade VAT for each bhori of gold.

24 Karat Gold Price In Bangladesh (Tola)

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Tola
Current Price ৳ 63,329 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 62,729 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 63,355 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 86.258798 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.01159 USD

24 Karat Gold Price In Bangladesh (Ounce)

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Ounce
Current Price ৳ 168,877 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 167,278 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 168,947 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 86.258798 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.01159 USD

Gold Price In Bangladesh in Previous Days

DateGram 22K
10 Mar 21৳ 4,284.7BDT
9 Mar 21৳ 4,294.1 BDT
8 Mar 21৳ 4,212.0 BDT
7 Mar 21৳ 4,248.3 BDT
6 Mar 21৳ 4,248.3 BDT
5 Mar 21৳ 4,243.8 BDT
4 Mar 21৳ 4,243.5 BDT

Bangladesh Gold Bars

Whether you are in Bangladesh or internationally somewhere, gold bars are the most superb selection for those looking to obtain as many whole ounces of gold as possible. Gold bars are presented in various masses, with bars as small as a single gram obtainable. Purifying costs for a 1 gram gold bar and a 1 ounce gold bar are likely very equivalent.

Best Gold Jewelry Shops in Bangladesh

There are different jewelry stores existing in the marketplace; depending upon their collection, design, and capacity different gold rates are established and offered to customers.

Aftab Jewellers

Aftab jewelLers


Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM


+880 1711-533609

Senco Gold & Diamond BD

Gold price in Bangladesh SENCO gold & diamond BD


Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall, Hatir Jheel Link Rd, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM


 +880 1790-119977

Royal Malabar Jewellers (BD) Ltd.

Gold price in Bangladesh royal malabar jewellers (BD) LTD


 Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh


Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM


 +880 1707-010835

APAN Jewellers

Gold price in Bangladesh APAN jewellers


 B-1, D.N.C.C. Market (Gr. Floor, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 PM


 +880 2-9892314

New Royal Diamond

Gold price in Bangladesh royal diamond jewellery


 45 Gulshan Avenue, Navana Tower Shopping Mall, Shop no:11-12-13 (1st, floor), Dhaka, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Closes soon ⋅ 8 PM ⋅ Opens 10:30 AM Sat


 +880 1772-144475

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